Unlocking teams’ creativity 

Living experiences that depart from the ordinary, discovering ourselves in different roles, sharing stories, expressing our creativity as a group, experiencing the strength and depth of the bonds that unite us as colleagues.

Right now in Israel, more than ever, we need to feel part of a community.


Our lives are made up of stories, and mine is made up of encounters, discoveries and learning. Originally from France, having studied in England and Germany and now living in Israel for eight years, I draw on all these cultures to broaden my vision and offer my clients my open-mindedness.


I help individuals and companies to grow and get to know themselves better through workshops combining theatrical improvisation, life stories and writing.

After 15 years as a sales director in the world of beauty, I trained in group facilitation and returned to my lifelong passion, theater. Today, I am a coach and consultant for companies who want to help their teams feel more united. My workshops reflect my passions: creativity and theater in the service of sales and the company’s talents.


The talking circles that I offer to companies are focused on our own resilience process.

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Storytelling Workshops

Discovering the power of stories and of pitch to learn how to speak in front of an audience. These workshops create memories for the whole team.
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Sales Booster Workshops

Using improvisational techniques to boost sales is a creative and effective approach to enhancing the skills of your sales team.

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Improv’team Workshops

Improv’team workshops are a valuable and fun way to boost confidence, improve team works and connect team members.

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“The universe is made of stories, not atoms”

Muriel Rukeyzer

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